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2 min readMay 17, 2021

This edition focuses on Serveetcons — a technology solutions company that providesNigerians with skilled competent and reliable Artisans. Emmanuel Ngwoke, the Operations Manager, chats with us of the company’s operations and his expectations on Nigeria’s identity space.

  1. What led to the birth of Serveetcons, and how has the journey been so far?

Serveetcons came about due to the need for people to get trusted and reliable artisans, handymen, and professionals to execute or provide selected services (e.g., plumbing, electric, painting, domestic cleaning, etc.) for them.

We realized that most artisans, handymen, and technicians don’t have the level of skill and competence they claim to have, and working with them won’t bring value. We’ve solved this by recruiting competent, vetted, and trusted service providers as agents in our company. We also provide the infrastructure and technology so our customers can get top value.

2. Why did you choose VerifyMe as your identity verification partner?

We chose VerifyMe because the company can meet our verification needs. VerifyMe also helps us achieve our goal of enlisting vetted service agents into our system.

3. Which things have changed in your business because of our product/service?

With VerifyMe as an agent, we can sieve out unreliable and unverifiable service agents and have data on those recruited into our system.

4. What are the major challenges of Serveetcons regarding identity in Nigeria and what role would you say digital identity plays in the innovation happening in your sector?

Having data on the identity of our service agents is particularly important to us. It’s one way to ensure our customers trust our service.

Digital identification helps enable that trust and speed up our innovation drive.

5. As we all know, COVID 19 disrupted 2020. What changes did Serveetcons see and how was the business able to adapt to these changes?

COVID-19 disrupted and delayed our service deployment. We plan to keep adapting and recover from the challenges by ensuring that our service providers carry out their tasks in line with COVID-19 guidelines as spelt out by NCDC.

6. What would you like to see in the Nigerian identity space in 3 years?

We look forward to having fewer identity verification service disruptions and having verifications done faster.



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