Forget KYC, Focus on Growth

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2 min readMay 31, 2021

We are very excited to announce the release of three brand new products that will help your business grow by allowing you to focus on your core tasks while we handle your KYC.

Got vague addresses? Use the faster and more precise way to confirm customer addresses.

VeriFind improves your address verification completion rate by integrating our addressing platform and Geographic Information System (GIS) service to handle incomplete or incorrect addresses.

This highly effective tool increases the number of customer accounts you can open and reduces your operational costs.

Identify Customers, Eliminate Bad Actors

Identity theft is rampant. Consumers are frustrated by the almost endless form-filling needed to combat it, while businesses lose revenue and staff hours as a result.

It’s time to make life difficult for fraudsters.

Our new Facial liveness tool provides a secure, reliable and convenient way to check your customers before doing business with them.
The tool authenticates identities online using live photos and access to authoritative national databases like National Identification Number (NIN) and driver’s licence.

Reduce Risk of Fraud in Online and Mobile Transaction

Our NUBAN Account Verification solution protects you against online fraud by cross-referencing transaction details with multiple datasets. Our tool assures you that the bank account owner is the one who is authorizing the transaction.

Datasets matched include account name, mobile number, first and last names, date of birth and gender.

We built this tool on proprietary technology connected to secure and authoritative data sources.

As mentioned earlier, our goal is to help you prevent fraud and save your time, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

To sign up for any of these services, contact us today by phone, 0913 113 9477, 0906 000 7624, or email



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