VerifyMe Launches Nigeria’s First-Ever Digital ID Report

Imagine a world without digital identity? What kind of place would it be? For a start, you most likely won’t be able to transact business online, or even shop from your favourite stores online as we have all become accustomed to. Now think about the government at all levels, they wouldn’t be able to make proper plans and projections for you because they don’t know you exist.

All these challenges can be solved by one element: a strong digital identity infrastructure. Truth is, digital identity is changing our lives in more ways than we can imagine, from business to e-commerce, to ensuring our safety and making governance effective across board. And as factors such as COVID-19 continue to stimulate migration online, the need for a dependable digital Identity base becomes imperative.

This realisation inspired us to take a deeper look at the industry to understand its true state and the trends and opportunities it presents. We partnered with Dalberg Advisors; a leading global social impact advisory group to interrogate the industry. What started as a simple curiosity has birthed Nigeria’s very first independent assessment and industry report — Digital ID in Nigeria: State of the Industry.

As Nigeria’s pioneer identity verification and KYC technology company, we are proud to announce the launch of Nigeria’s very first official report on the country’s digital identity industry.

Click here to download a copy of the report. Still wondering why you should download and read? Well, here are some major highlights from the report.

1. Fintechs and financial bodies

Digital ID is enabling financial institutions to break into new markets. So, if you are a new entrant in Nigeria’s Fintech space, you’ll get insights on the latest trends and how you should position yourself for growth.

2. eCommerce players and stakeholders

Digital ID will help limit the associated growth in fraud in eCommerce. With this report, you’ll learn what the key issues are with respect to cybercrime and how you can key into them as a service provider.

3. Government and policymakers

About 65% of the world’s GDP will be digitized by 2022. The report will show you the implication of this on Nigerian’s economy and how organisations and policymakers can leverage it for the benefit of their economy.

4. Identity and national census bodies

Over 100 million Nigerians do not have a form of recognized ID. You’ll discover how, through collaborative effort, we can change this, regardless of what industry you play in, whether fintech, telecoms etc.

These are just a few insights you’ll derive from the report to assist you to make informed decisions in your respective industries. So, go ahead, download it here and share the link with someone you know would find it useful.

If you would like to go deeper into the report, then you should register for the Dalberg-VerifyMe Webinar and listen to industry experts share more insights from the report and their projections about the future of the industry. Details of the webinar will be shared soon.




VerifyMe Nigeria is a Tech company facilitating Africa’s social and economic growth by building her Trust infrastructure.

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VerifyMe Nigeria

VerifyMe Nigeria

VerifyMe Nigeria is a Tech company facilitating Africa’s social and economic growth by building her Trust infrastructure.

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